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  • recommends
    Really impressed with how meticulous Yoke Lian is when doing the extraction. Unlike the typical salons who only spend 15-20 minutes, she spends up to an hour making sure every single black/whitehead is removed! She also customizes every session due to your skin condition that particular week. Most importantly, she charges very affordable prices for doctor's treatment like laser, silk peels etc! She's never pushy with her packages too! ��
    March 9th 2017
  • 5
    Had a customised facial treatment and enjoyed it thoroughly. Yoke Lian is very experienced and detailed, it felt very safe to leave my skin in her hands. She is also a very lovely and friendly person, chatting with me throughout the session and sharing tips for better skin on a daily basis. Would definitely be returning!
    May 21st 2017
  • recommends
    I must say that the name of the salon ~ Skin Miracles is quite apt. I've got skin treatment, body massages and waxing. All the services are very good. I feel very comfortable and happy with Yoke Lian. She has always given me the right advise when it comes to my skin. And whenever I've followed..I've got great results!
    July 29th 2017
  • recommends
    I’ve just ended my package of 10 sessions with another package signed! Yoke Lian was a chance encounter for me as I was browsing a blog entry by someone who recommended her. She is very meticulous and never rushes through the session, which also includes eyebrow trimming and treatment for the eye area. I especially love the SilkPeel machine as it always leaves my skin soft and smooth after the extraction process. I have never signed a facial package in my life but this I feel is a worthy investm... Read More
    August 22nd 2017
  • recommends
    I love coming here for my facials! Took me many years to find a beautician who really knows how to take care of my skin. Yoke Lian is very passionate about what she does, skilled and knowledgeable. I love how she tailored my treatment to what I need at every session. I finished my first 10 sessions and had spared no second thought continuing with more sessions. One key thing that had always kept me away from going to facial outlets were the hard sell that always happens - it prevents me from p... Read More
    March 23rd 2018
  • recommends
    Been going for facials at Skin Miracles for 1 year+ already, and i love how each session is customised to the needs and condition of my skin. Yoke Lian is very gentle and caring and she will not hard sell any products or treatments at all. My skin condition has improved a lot and I recommend everyone to go there!
    October 14th 2018
  • recommends
    Yoke Lian’s so good at what she does and well-versed in skincare tips! Have been going for facials for about a year now. She’s really patient, meticulous and super nice 🙂
    October 29th 2018
  • recommends
    I've been going to Skin Miracles for about 6 months now and I'm loving every single session of it! My skin has started becoming fairer, more radiant and has this soft look fr the 3rd/4th month onwards - and I've received many compliments (randomly) about my skin! Really pleased with the results and even though there are still past scarings / some congestions here and there, I know Skin Miracles will help treat them accordingly with Yoke Lian's expertize! Thank you! 🥰😍🤩
    March 23rd 2019
  • recommends
    Overall, each facial experience was truly lovely. From the products and the skills of the therapist, I am very pleased with the visible results after each session. I admire Yoke Lian’s patience & professionalism in explaining my skin condition and the products she was using on my skin.
    April 25th 2019
  • recommends
    Cindy will explain in details of the steps which makes you not so scared of "scams", which some people destroyed the industry. She is also a friendly bubbly lady!
    October 7th 2019
  • recommends
    Had facials and mani/pedi done by Yoke Lian and Cindy, and signed packages with them almost immediately as they are really good and skillful. Value for money treatments. Also recommended many of my friends and we are all satisfied customers.
    October 10th 2019
  • recommends
    Very skillful esthetician and nail technician, I am extremely satisfied with the attentive and meticulous service by both Yoke and Cindy! A definite recommendation!
    June 22nd 2020
  • recommends
    Been with them for close to 2 years, very friendly team, no hard selling at all, service is extremely good! I get my facial, nails and IPL done here, it's no doubt my fav one stop solution beauty place! ♥️
    October 25th 2020
  • recommends
    I have been with Skin Miracles for 7 years can’t believe I’m only leaving a review now! I’ve introduced countless of friends and relatives here and they are all loyal customers of Skin Miracles now. Thank you Yoke Lian and Cindy for 7 years of wonderful service and making me pretty! I can never live without y’all!!!! ♥️
    November 11th 2020
  • recommends
    Comfy experience for facial and both beautician Yoke Lian and Cindy are very skilful in treating acne problem!
    November 17th 2020
  • recommends
    Highly recommended. Friendly and skillful.
    November 19th 2020
  • recommends
    I suffered from random skin flakiness and flare ups in the past and couldn’t find a proper solution. Till I was introduced to Skin Miracles, with regular treatments and facials I no longer get that condition anymore. The staff at Skin Miracles are also very patient and generous in providing me what I require for the month. I’ve introduced my friends and family here and they are converts!
    November 23rd 2020
  • recommends
    Cindy is very good in what she does! She knows exactly what treatment she will do for my skin month by month! I started with no package and now i am in small package with them.... not too much of hardsell. Don’t worry!
    November 27th 2020
  • recommends
    Cindy is always very professional and highly skilled. clean and very comfortable rooms. recommended!
    April 8th 2021
  • recommends
    The service is amazing~ I really enjoy myself there. If you are interested, can drop them a text! They are really friendly
    May 17th 2021

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